Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Online Surveys - Opinion Outpost!

I really enjoy taking surveys online. Most of them just take a few minutes to complete and pay anywhere from $1.00 - $10.00/survey (usually depending on the length).

I have tried a TON of online survey sites and some are really worth it, while others aren't at all!

One of my favorites is: Opinion Outpost!

Here are my favorite things about Opinion Outpost:

- They actually send me surveys on a regular basis! Right now I have 7 available surveys waiting for me to take! If I qualify and complete all of them, I would make $19.00
- I qualify for the majority of their surveys!
- You can cash out with points - that means NO waiting for a check in the mail and an instant ability to spend what you have earned.
- If you don't qualify for a survey, you have the option of winning a $50.00 prize each time. I have never won this, but one of my friends has!!!!

Last year alone I made over $300.00 on this site!
And trust me, it wasn't difficult at all!

At Christmas time I purchased a large portion of my gifts on!

Want to make a little extra cash online?

Let me show you how!

Last year I made a little over $1500.00 online! I never paid any money ever to earn any of it, it was all extra cash in my pocket! By no means is this any type of actual salary, and I didn't quit my day job in hoping of making millions! Earning this money was easy and fast and only took about 20-30 minutes each week!

This year I am hoping to reach that goal again! I saved up all the $1500.00 and cashed out at the end of the year just in time for Christmas! Needless to say, all of that money went towards gifts, travel, meals, etc. during the holiday season! It was awesome and no real extra money out of my pocket!

Let's work together to reach our goal of making a little extra money online!